low key image of beautiful diamond queen crown, white pearls next to burning candle. vintage filtered. fantasy middle age concept OCTOBER 6th, publication day for the hardcopy of QUEENS & COURTESANS: A SIRENS BENEFIT ANTHOLOGY, containing my short story M:ITE. Holding the physical copy in my hand is wonderfully satisfying. If you’d like your own hardcopy they are available at:


If you are interested in having me sign your copy, I am happy to send you a signed bookplate. Just email me your mailing address I will get one out to you.

Green AnthologyMy most recent collage piece THEY DREAMED OF RICH SOIL is also available in the Collage Collective Co. anthology GREEN. I am thrilled to be included as one of 50 chosen artists for this publication.

Inspired by our visit to the Lusto Museum in Punkaharju, Finland, I had several days of quiet island life where family engagement provided the opportunity to explore the idea of living ‘on the land’, ‘off the land’, and ‘with the land’. A special thank you goes out to Malin and Luisa Müeller for their willingness to join in an art party where we shared a common language. They were the Muse incarnate!