Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous
adventures that anyone can have.

-Lloyd Alexander

Monthly Archives: September 2017

What Does Your Main Character Sound Like: First Adventure in Audiobook Land

What does your main character sound like? That’s what Brilliance Audio wanted to know. Brilliance Audio, I’m honored to say, will be producing the audiobook version of my debut epic fantasy novel The Song of All. Last week, I received their author questionnaire and their first question had me a bit flustered. You’d think that after all […]

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Friends of the San Francisco Public Library: Annual Book Sale

Did I really need more books? My TBR–to be read–Pile is teetering, verging on dangerous. I’m one kitty jump away from being clobbered by a cascade of books in my sleep. But that did not stop me from getting more fabulous books at the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library’s 53rd Annual Book Sale. […]

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