The process of naming a book is not always straightforward. Sometimes the name comes before the project starts, sometimes it surfaces while writing the manuscript, and often, even when authors have a clear idea of their title, publishers will change them.

When I was writing The Song of All, the title was immediately evident to me. For book two I had a pretty good idea of the title based upon the rough draft, but I did change it. Originally, I had called book two The Legacy of the Heavens, which worked based upon the themes, but then I decided it was really a better series title. So book two became Dreams of the Dark Sky, which comes from one of the characters songs.

Book three had a working title when the trilogy was sold to Night Shade Books/Skyhorse Publishing (who did not change any of my titles!) but now that I am beginning work on it, I think book three needs a different title. I set up a Google Poll which went out in my subscriber newsletter earlier this month, but I also wanted to open up the voting to blog readers. Here are your choices:

Should Book 3 Be Called:




To cast your vote by clicking this link to my Google Poll.