THE SONG OF ALL is off to the printers. But between now and the February 20, 2018 publication date, there are several intermediary steps. This round is the typeset version which will go out as ARCs or Advanced Reader Copies (AKA an advanced reading copy, a reviewer’s copy, a pre-press copy, or a galley). An ARC is a pre-published, almost-complete version that is sent out to advanced readers, typically reviewers. I have received a number of ARCs over the years, and it always feels a little bit like an extra Christmas. The opportunity to read fresh words that few have seen besides the author is a treat. But to have my words appear in this form now feels like I’ve stepped out into public wearing both a paisley and a plaid and miss-matched socks. I’m experiencing that sudden fear that it’s not good enough, that everyone will find its flaws. But this is the leap. It’s that vulnerable moment that Brené Brown talks about in her book DARING GREATLY and her TED talks. “Courage,” she says, “starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Well, soon THE SONG OF ALL will be seen. At first by just a few and then by plenty more, because that is every author’s hope, and at each step, I will likely take a deep breath and remind myself of Brené Brown’s wisdom.