North Face Luggage

I am heading off to Denver for the Sirens Conference. I’m incredibly excited to attend my first SirensĀ and probably will have a wonderfully embarrassing fangirl moment because Kate Elliott is one of the Guests of Honor. If you haven’t read her work, check it out. Her Jaran series, which I read in 1994, was a mindblowing inspiration. As I devoured the four books (sadly the series remains unfinished for several reasons which you can read about here), it struck me that she saw the entire arc of her story before she ever wrote one word. Think about that? That is like knowing the whole of your life awaiting you as you step into it. It made me want to be able to do that with the stories I saw in my own head. But what’s more, and this is the make or break of any piece of writing for me, the story she weaves in the Jaran series (and all the others) is richly layered with action and detail. See what I mean! FANGIRL.

Off I go. The actual place is Denver, the possibilities, however, are a multiverse.