Grub Street

The conference is over and I am suddenly sad that I won’t be roaming the halls of the Park Plaza, looking for conference rooms where writing is celebrated. I learned so much about craft and the business of writing. I even learned how to write a sex scene, then read it in front of the workshop group (talk about scary). But more than the learning, The Muse and the Marketplace was a great opportunity to meet other writers, to talk about the dreams and the stories that have taken over our lives, and to feel the same sense of investment in this amazingly long and sometimes arduous process of writing. If you are in the Boston area and want to learn to write or develop your skills, Grub Street is a phenomenal organization. And if you’d like to support their young writers programs which offers teens a free way to discover the magic of writing, then check out their Write the Future fundraising. Okay Boston, I’m coming back next year. But for now, I want to see more of your beauty and history and my guides are waiting!