Celebrating Irvin Lin’s MARBLED, SWIRLED, AND LAYERED at his book signing at Dog Eared Books on Castro in San Francisco. Irvin (Center), SB Hadley Wilson (Right).

For the last few years, this trio of writers has met monthly to talk books and projects and generally support each other through our very diverse writing interests. Irvin Lin, cooking and baking, SB Hadley Wilson, commercial fiction, and myself, genre fiction.

It is such a pleasure to celebrate milestones and successes. Having friends who believe in you can make all the difference. So, THANK YOU, Irvin and Hadley, and each of you visit this website and blog. Your encouragement and supportive comments mean the world to me.

If anyone needs a new dessert to impress friends and family this holiday season try MARBLED, SWIRLED, AND LAYERED (featured in Oprah’s Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and in the New York Times list of best baking cookbooks of 2016). I’ve made the Chocolate-Vanilla Checkerboard Cookies and SB Hadley Wilson has made the Pistachio Butter Swirled Fudge Brownies. Both were amazing.

PS. If anyone wants to make me Ginger Eclairs with Black Sesame Pastry Cream and Five-Spice Craquelin on pp 329-332, I have a birthday coming up at the end of January.