Susannah Conway, British photographer and author, started August Break in 2010 as way to take a break from blogging and what she described as the “pressure to finding words.” Instead of words, she invited herself and others to share “a photo or two a day”…”as a way to be present.”

August Break 2015.1

I was introduced to Susannah Conway and the August Break through a friend who always seems to have her finger on the pulse of something beautiful and artistic. And August 2013 was a perfect time for me to forget about stringing words together and instead connect one word with one image.


I found the experience so meaningful that I’ve continued to participate in the #augustbreak and have even created my own version for a small group of friends called #inventcalendar. Everyone is welcome to join next January 1st 2016, just find me on instagram that day and follow along.


#AugustBreak2015, however, had two surprises in store for me:

1) Susannah Conway, while setting the container, was much less present. But as she said, “I haven’t participated in August Break as much this year and that’s in keeping with the original intention of the challenge: to take a break and be present to what’s in front of me.”


2) I found myself part of a much bigger community than in years past. Discovering that community has been incredibly nourishing to my soul and creative process.


As August draws to a close, I am not alone in wanting to see the magic continue, and I am thrilled that the talented and generous @tori_tales has created a new vision for us. As the August Break ends, it makes way for fall and #talesofseptember


I am now, more than ever looking forward to fall and what the community creates!