April Love 2016 is in full effect. Thank you Susannah Conway for an inspired month of prompts.  Thirty days of love letters to myself, my world, and my vision. It couldn’t have come at a better time. April, far from being the “Go ahead” month I’d thought it might be, has been a wade through the thickets into the deep forest of reflection kind of month. But I am grateful, none the less.

Dear Love, Dear Home, Dear Feet, Dear Morning, Dear Intuition

Dear Love, Dear Home, Dear Feet, Dear Morning

Dear Love,

Thank you for the glimpses into the divine and also for the bittersweet tastes you have offered. My palate is now both refined and whetted for the sublime. Love, Tina

Dear Morning,

We need to talk. See me later today. Sincerely, Tina

Dear Intuition, Thank you for never saying I told you so. Your sometimes faithless admirer, Tina

Dear Books, Dear Rest, Dear Younger Me,

Dear Books, Dear Rest, Dear Younger Me,

Dear Rest, We need to meet like this more often, with my hand resting on my eart, feeling th slow and steady beat. The heart and I have been racing for too long. Yours for the asking, Tina.

Dear Younger Me, I may ave royally cocked things up. I’m really sorry. Please don’t hate me. I’m doing what I can, but if you have some better ideas, I’m all ears. I hope we can still be friends. Your BFF, Tina

Dear Future Me, Dear Senses, Dear Courage

Dear Courage, Dear Shadows, Dear Legs

Dear Shadows, How often have you shielded me from the fearful scrutiny of the light. You have been a cool respite until I was strong enough to go on. With gratitude, Tina

Dear Reflection, What if, like Narcissus, I gazed upon you in this pool and fell in love? What if I saw you, not with fear or even honest inquiry, but throug eyes that love? Yes. That would be something to see Curiously and forever yours, Tina.

Dear Fear, Dear Magic, Dear Change

Dear Fear, Dear Magic, Dear Change

Dear Change, We traded business cards the last time we met at the mixer. Yo said you had a great new program on offer. I’m sorry to say that I are a cat on my lap so I won’t be able to take you up on that offer but thanks anyway. Sincerely, Tina

Dear Tina, May you always find this smile within you as you continue on this journey. Love Always, Tina.

It was a great month of community within #aprillove2016 and the #taleswithfriends community on Instagram.