A Year in Pictures

One Year. One Book. Two Cats. More Laughter than Tears.

This has been the longest and fastest year of my life. So much has happened in the past 365 days that it’s hard for me to believe that only twelve months have passed. It’s as if my life has become the Tardis, where the fullness of the inside is so much larger than the outside that contains it (for all the folks who are not Dr. Who fans, here’s a link to explain the Tardis). 

Inside Fullness:
I published a book this year. A new niece came into this world. Two godchildren graduated high school. Two kitties passed on. I edited the second book of The Legacy of the Heavens trilogy, did two book signings and attended 5 conventions, promoting the first book, The Song of All. We visited with friends. We visited Finland. I reconnected with even more of my family. I wrote new pieces for publication and performance. We had a bit of an emergency in Mexico on our anniversary, but all is now well. I am writing book three, and getting an inkling of the next project.

Outside Container:
12 months/365 days

Bottom line is that I am so thankful for all of it–the hard stuff included. But not in a Nietzschean way, where what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Rather, the tough parts of this year made me that much more appreciative of the greater good. And included in this greater good is my continued gratitude for the readers of this newsletter and my articles and most importantly my book. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me to build connections through the stories and experiences that come to me. I am wishing you all the very best in the coming New Year. May 2019 be kind to us all!