Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous
adventures that anyone can have.

-Lloyd Alexander

Lit Crawl 2017: 1984 Part II

For the third year running, the Castro Writers’ Cooperative delivered a rousing rendition of a literary classic at Liquke’s Lit Crawl. Presented as a literary relay race, we each had 225 words to tell our piece of the story before passing the mic. This year’s book: 1984.

Orwell’s 1984  is currently on the New York Times Bestseller List with a 9,500% increase in sales at the beginning of 2017. Sounds like an AltFact but, in fact, it’s true. You can read more here. Our version, 1984 Part II, had a packed house at Fellow Barber. Fellow Barber, the Mission’s headquarters for great looking hair and beards, has graciously hosted us the last three years. While not a 9,500% increase in attendance, the crowd was as raucous as the writers. They laughed. They booed. They stood stoically when it all got a little too real. And though the 1984’s ending is arguably pessimistic, the Castro Writers’ Cooperative held on to hope, offering We Shall Persist as a mantra for the current AltReality we find ourselves in.

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Cover Art Revealed: The Song of All (Book 1 The Legacy of the Heavens)

 I am so excited to announce that my publisher Night Shade Books/Skyhorse Publishing has done a cover reveal and an excerpt posting from my debut epic fantasy novel THE SONG OF ALL, due out February 20, 2018.

I am in awe of what artists Jeff Chapman and Shawn King have come up with. I get chills every time I look at it. And the publisher had this to say about the cover:

“We normally try to write something clever and interesting here, but, frankly, if the cover for The Song of All doesn’t get your attention, nothing we can say in this first line will. Seriously, though: A herd of reindeer in the snow? A blood-soaked warrior on a cliff? A towering mountain in the distance? What more can we say, really? What could be cooler and more epic than that?

And that’s before we even delve into what the book’s actually about; before we touch on its parallel worlds accessed by music and poetry—the titular Song of All—or the immortal beings who dwell there, or its depictions of indigenous Scandinavian cultures, or the fact that it’s the first in a trilogy.”

Check out the excerpt from the book at Night Shade Books. THE SONG OF ALL is available for pre-order at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble and Powell’s Books To hear the latest news, sign up for my monthly newsletter.

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